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Custom eBay Design

LaunchPad Auctions specializes in custom eBay Store Design including eBay templates, flash design, and custom logo design. We believe that eBay is a robust selling platform with an increasing opportunity for online sellers. However, we also believe that a seller should have his/her own unique look, rather than the standard plain look of eBay. A custom design gives the seller the credibility of a professional business and an increase of return buyers because of a distinguished look.

As well as giving a fresh and unique visual appeal, LaunchPad's eBay tools and cross promotion techniques will maximize exposure to all of your items and direct traffic to your eBay Store. Your sales will increase as the buyer shops strictly from your inventory instead of going to the competition.

The result is a unique design with the functionality of an online store, but the ease of selling on eBay.

Our professional team is proficient in all web and graphic design as well as having extensive experience with the in ands outs of competitive eBay selling.

Give us a call for a FREE Consultation and find out how LaunchPad can prepare your sales for takeoff.

By using strategies that make it easier for your customer to shop in your store, you can increase sales and reduce listing fees.
Call today with your Ebay store name, and we'll provide you with a customized checklist to maximize your Ebay exposure.
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