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If you don't need all our services, then pick and choose from the list below: *
eBay Auction Template: $1500
  • Our base auction template includes a header, promotional links, custom navigation, a store search, and a way to neatly present the item and description.             view example
  • We require all clients to purchase a custom template as the first service. The price of the store design is based off of the initial purchase of a listing template design.
Custom eBay Store: $600
  • We give a full custom store front and custom header for every page of your eBay store.     view example
  • The listed prices are based upon the initial purchase of an Auction Template. If you choose not to purchase an auction template and wish to only get the store designed, the price is $1250.
Seller Logo: $350
  • We work closely with you to incorporate your ideas and themes to create the look that will set your business apart.       view example
Flash Animation: Custom Quote*
  • *This price is for an intermediate flash. The price varies with how elaborate or simple the flash will be.
    The average range is between $450-$999 - please contact us with your ideas for a custom quote.
  • A flash intro or header will definitely set your auctions apart from others with a blend of functionality and style. We optimize our flash design to load quickly even on dialup.       view example
Consultation: Free
  • Consulting is free with your Auction Template. After reviewing your Ebay business we provide you with a checklist of tools and improvements that can increase your sales.

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By using strategies that make it easier for your customer to shop in your store, you can increase sales and reduce listing fees.
Call today with your Ebay store name, and we'll provide you with a customized checklist to maximize your Ebay exposure.
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